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Space and Equipment Rentals

Under certain circumstances, the University may agree to rent space or facilities (including equipment) to third parties.

The University-Industry Liaison Office will prepare Space or Facilities Rental Agreements that have terms 6 months or less and are non-renewable. The University Treasury Department prepares Agreements that are greater than 6 months in duration, and may be renewable.

The researcher whose space or facilities are being rented must disclose any conflicts of interest to the relevant Department Head and Faculty Dean prior to execution of the Agreement. Approval from the relevant Department Head is required.


  • Business arrangement (no rights to intellectual property)
  • Agreements of up to 6 months duration. Longer term agreements are arranged via UBC Treasury
  • Space and equipment rental rates are determined on a case-by-case basis, to be consistent with the industry norm


Parties to the Agreement: UBC and Sponsor

Required Documents:

  • Contract Request Form
    (This form can be saved, complete with data, with the latest versions of Acrobat Reader)

University Restrictions:

  • University services and facilities shall not be used to perform regular, routine tests or functions in competition with outside firms


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