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Non-disclosure Agreements

Although the University does not conduct secret research, it is able to provide assurances that it will not disclose third party confidential information, and enters into many confidentiality agreements each year.

These agreements may consider one-way or two-way exchanges of confidential information. The University will normally insist that all confidential information be marked or indicated as confidential in some other manner.


  • Specify terms by which either party's confidential information is transferred to the other party
  • Confidential information must be clearly identified in writing
  • Time limit of confidentiality is normally five years
  • Confidential information excludes information that is:
    (i) Already known by the recipient;
    (ii) Independently developed by the recipient;
    (iii) Disclosed to the recipient by a third party without an obligation of confidentiality;
    (iv) In the public domain (at the time of disclosure or during term of the agreement); or
    (v) Disclosed pursuant to judicial or administrative order.


Parties to the Agreement: UBC and Sponsor

Required Documents:



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