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Collaborative Research Agreements

Collaborative Research Agreements provide for the conduct of directed, collaborative, or joint research of mutual interest to the researcher and the company with shared rights and access to the results. There is an expectation that there may be new or incremental intellectual property developed within the project.


  • Sponsor and UBC jointly define the research project
  • Results and developments are expected
  • Ownership of inventions and other intellectual property arising from the project belong to:(i) Sponsor if solely developed by the Sponsor ("Sponsor IP")
    (ii) UBC if solely developed by UBC ("UBC IP"); and
    (iii) UBC and Sponsor if jointly developed by UBC and the Sponsor ("Joint IP")

    Rights of the sponsor to use and/or own UBC IP and Joint IP are determined in the Agreement, as directed by the Principal Investigator.
    Alternatives include:
    (a) Sponsor obtains a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use the IP.
    (b) Sponsor is granted an option to negotiate a royalty-bearing license for UBC's rights to the IP.
    (c) Sponsor is assigned the rights to the IP if all direct and indirect costs of research are paid by the sponsor, and salaries for researchers are charged at industry rates.

  • Publication may be temporarily delayed (within clearly defined limits) to protect commercial interests
  • UBC will protect confidential information clearly defined and provided by the Sponsor
  • Parties to the Agreement: UBC and Sponsor (may include UBC Affiliated Hospitals)

University Requirements:

  • Students may participate in collaborative research projects to enhance their academic experience. These arrangements must not delay or interfere with the academic studies or progression.
  • Conduct of research will be in accordance with the university research policies regarding the use of human subjects, animals, radioactive materials and biohazards
  • Some collaborative research arrangements may give rise to Conflict-of-Commitment or Conflict-of-Interest situations which require approval and management prior to the commencement of the consulting project

Required documents before agreement can be drafted:

  • Proposal and Budget (which we will attach as a Schedule to the CRA)
  • Research Project Information Form (Questionnaire)
    **This fillable PDF form is designed to be completed using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader only.**
    The free Adobe Reader can be downloaded here.

Sample template agreements:

Contact (Projects involving the Faculty of Applied Science): Iris Hnik 604-822-0362
Contact (Projects involving other faculties): Jennifer Schmidt 604-822-8167

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